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Workshops by Roeda

00-slideshow-workshop.2019-02-25-19-13-00.gifWhat makes workshops by Roeda different?

We feel that three ingredients are vital in having a great experience at our workshops:

1. CONFIDENCE: Regardless of your level of painting experience, we work to ensure that you feel confident as you work by providing great designs to chose from, clear step by step instruction, and all our best tools, tips and techniques. 

2. FREEDOM: We believe in the freedom of (artistic) expression. Our goal is not to have you create duplicates of our sample. No, we want you to create something that is uniquely your own.  In other words, you have choices. We mean it when we say, "At Workshops by Roeda, you are the artist!"

3. COMMUNITY: Over the course of a workshop, you not only create something lovely; you make new friendships and deepen existing ones. While that's one of things we enjoy most about these events, it is not something we have to force.  When you free people up to express their creativity together, it just happens.(Having some snacks and adult beverages helps too.)