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How It Works

Often described as a sort of "magnetic scrapbooking", our magnet system is a simple form of self-expression.  Our bases and embellishments are here to help you tell your story, cheer up your home, or to simply play.

The first step is to select a base.  Go to Shop - Easels, Boards, Frames & Extra Magnets to browse our collection, or use any metal surface you want to stick our magnets to!  We offer a big selection of bases including easels, memo boards, and frames.

Roeda Studio bases - easels, memo boards, and more!

 The next step is to choose which of our hand-painted magnets you want to use.  Use our search bar if you have ideas in mind already, or browse the shop categories to enjoy hunting for those perfect products.  Our home page will feature great magnets too, so be sure to check back often!

Roeda Studio embellishments - hand-painted magnetic decor

Each embellishment has strong magnets on the back so it can stick to your base easily.

Roeda Studio embellishments - hand-painted magnetic decor

After you have what you want, all that's left is to create.

Roeda Studio magnetic display 


 Select a base, choose your embellishments, and create!



Embellishing your Roeda memo board

Embellishing your Roeda easel


Roeda Studio photo cable display



Our collection is always growing and changing, and so are you.  So, come back often, subscribe to our newsletter, and make Roeda part of your life!

 Move your magnets; tell your story