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How It's Made

Our magnets are all designed, laser-cut, hand-painted and packaged here in Grand Rapids, MI, USA.  The only exception is our Embellish Your Story brand that is hand-painted in China.  This page will walk you through the basic steps to show the time and care that goes into these wonderful works of art!

It starts with a sheet of metal.  Sovereign Machine Inc ( conveniently operates in the same building as our studio.  We provide them with the files containing our magnet shapes.  Their laser cutter reads those files and cuts out the designated shapes.

Laser-cutting process for Roeda magnets

From there, we spray white or black paint over the metal to give it a good base for our painters to work from.  

 Spraying Roeda magnets

When the paint is dry, we punch out the loose pieces (blanks) from the metal sheet.  Those blanks are then put into stock and are ready for our painters!

 Painting American flag Roeda magnet

Our team uses things like sponges, brushes, and markers to get the desired look.

Painting Home in Michigan Roeda magnet

After all this, we're still not done!  The magnets are then packaged, processed, and soon are shipped off to people around the country.  From the first rough sketch to the last Roeda sticker on that outgoing package or envelope, our process is powered by people who care.  

Happy shopping!