Each and every metal art magnet is designed at Roeda studio in Grand Rapids, MI, USA. Many of them are also laser-cut, hand painted by amazing Roeda artists, and packaged with love, right from our Michigan studio! Other designs are made for us by our partners in China, painted by production artists just like the ones in Grand Rapids. Read on to learn the time and care that goes into these wonderful works of art, and take a peek into our studio!

From a simple metal silhouette... to a colorful work of art!

Painting with Roeda Artists

It starts with a plain sheet of steel. A laser cuts out the shapes designed by our artists. Once these blanks, as we call them, are cleaned and primed, they are ready for our production artists. Our artists use a whole assortment of creative tools, from small brushes to large upholstery foam, to create the Roeda look you know and love! The talented crew at Roeda loves to create new designs and discover new techniques. 


Once the final coat of paint has dried, the magnets are packaged, processed, and shipped off to stores and people around the country. From the first rough sketch to the last Roeda sticker on an outgoing package, our process is powered by talented people who care about the final result: a happy customer! As far as we know, we are the only people in the world specializing in Metal Art Magnets, and we are proud of it!