Roeda Studio is an ArtPrize venue! 

We are hosting 4 artists and a group installation. Learn about the art and artists below! 

Bee Sisterhood Oracle

Bee Sisterhood Oracle

Vote ID 15562

ArtPrize Profile

Mixed Media

This exhibit features 48 pieces of original artwork from their first project, the Bee Sisterhood Oracle Deck.

The project represents the work of 24 women artists, with administrative assistance from many more women, primarily from the Upper and Lower Peninsulas of Michigan.

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Becky Howard

Photographic Color Spectrum

Vote ID 08811

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Framed Photographs

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Kaitlyn Horpedahl

Seems Useful

Vote ID 65349

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Mixed Media

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Sarah King


Vote ID 59623

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Acrylic paint on canvas

Emily Swierzbin

Renaissance: Acer Ramulus

Vote ID 26423

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Canvas with embroidery

Carol Roeda

A Shadow's Glory

Vote ID 86300

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Paint on Tar Paper

Carol's piece is on display at Monroe Community Church

1020 Monroe NW, Grand Rapids, MI

See more of her work here